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About us


TakiSushi is more than just a sushi and rolls delivery service

TakiSushi team takes great responsibility in preparing every order, because quality, taste and speed are of the utmost importance. Every day we hold team events and discussions to improve our work for your satisfaction.


Real connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine understand how important freshness of fish is. Every day we bring delicious, good and fresh fish, caviar, cheese, vegetables and other ingredients to our kitchen.


In our menu there will be items for the most demanding: salmon, eel, tuna, crab, butterfish, vegan rolls, tartar, etc. Professional equipment, cleanliness in the kitchen, chef’s knowledge and a passion to our work are the key to true enjoyment of the unsurpassed taste of every roll and sushi. See for yourself!


The order begins to be ready as soon as you hung up. Pre-cooked sushi or fridge sushi is not about us! TakiSushi's large team is able to prepare the largest sets for a big company in a minimum amount of time.

We locate in the heart of Sumy, so all the goodies will quickly reach any corner of the city.